Let the earth heal this spring

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

While we stay
flummoxed and scared,
trapped in our
solitary confines…..

Rapturous birds,
spread their wings
to roam freely in
the clear azure skies….

While we are in panic
because of the ominous pandemic spreading
fears and gloom….

Nature breathes freely,
fishes claim the waters,
Untouched flowers,
taste the sun, and bloom….

So..while we hibernate
to atone for our sins…
Let us arise , awake
and enlighten from within…
Spring heals us always
now let the earth heal , this spring…

©Pure Reflections, 2020


Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

Through the complicated journey
of myriad vicissitudes of life…
the perpetual waves of
struggle and strife…

the ups and downs..
the thorns and crowns..

the truths and lies..
the guffaws and cries…

the rises and falls..
the storms and squalls…

the light and darkness..
the strengths and weaknesses…

Climb up to the moon
and follow the star…
As the destination
is never too far…

©Pure Reflections, 2020