Majestic Moon

Photo by Peter de vink…

Avid waves of the bubbling sea
ebbing and flowing…
to catch the glimpse of a supernatural beauty at the end of the gloaming…..

Cosmic deity dazzling in the silver aura ‘neath the gossamer veil of the drifting mist….
dressed in the evening gown adorned with glittering galaxies, to keep her tryst…..

Dainty fairies dance to the seraphic tunes….
Mysteries dwell and fantasies bloom…
Sanguine hopes swell and dreamy hearts swoon…
Beneath the divine afflatus of the Majestic Moon

©Pure Reflections, 2019


Photo by Arnie Chou on

A silent burden, so thick
of agony and pain…
Gruesome darkness, so stark
trapped in the criss cross of brain….

Fragile heart, so heavy
with the never melting rime..
As the sun, so dismal
it ceases to shine….

Silent screams of
hopes, dying in despair…
Lungs filled with ashes
gasping for air….

Apparitions of loneliness
creeping in deep crevices…
Life teetering on the
edge of precipice….

Dreadful devils of
slithering into veins
beneath the skin….
Ghoulish demons of
feasting on the soul
from within….

©Pure Reflections, 2019