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Enshrouded by the
inky darkness
befogged by the
hazy brume…

Ashen heart laments
over my smothered
dreams in the
tragic gloom…

Each breath like
a heavy burden,
emotions screaming out
of my deepest wounds….

In this dolorous ordeal
of my unrequited love
and unanswered

Tattered soul
yearns for the
end of the endless
night of despairs….

As…the webs of
my dream catcher…
no longer catch
my nightmares…

©Pure Reflections, 2019


never dies…
Even if,
shackled beneath the
layers of time…
Or enshrouded by the
mist of lies…
Or buried in the murky
quagmire of sighs and cries…..

But when the veil is lifted,
illusion is pulverised…
It shines through
the child’s innocent eyes…
Ephemeral glory of lies
succumbs to the
immortal beacon of light..

And the one thing
that prevails over falsehood…
is nothing but the

Inspired by the Tuesday writing prompt@ Go Dog Go Café..

(Write a poem where you begin with one word and end with that same word.)

©Pure Reflections, 2019


Once a,

Dormant chrysalis




A change, A spark


Now a,

beautiful bubbly butterfly

with seraphic wings

escaping out of the cocoon…

On her

Odyssey to the moon…..

(Inspired by Eugenia’s..word of the week…”butterfly”…@ BrewNSpew café…)

©Pure Reflections, 2019


Frightening flashes of the
lightening strikes…
In the ghostly hues of
the darkening skies….

Howling winds and
the deafening thunder…
Billowing clouds
rent asunder…..

Downpouring fury,
nature’s raging wrath….
Devouring all that
crosses the path…

Mighty deluge of
the ominous storm….
Roaring like a beast
in its ferocious form….

But, amidst all the
anguish and sighs..
I dare to stare
in its eyes…
For I harbor a million
storms inside…

©Pure Reflections, 2019

You and Me

Dense nimbus cloud
hovering in the attic of my mind,
numbs all my senses…
and freezes all my thoughts,
as it drizzles through
my eye’s fences….
I only see our crimson silhouettes
walking hand in hand forever…
I only hear your gentle whispers
and my deep breaths,
waltzing together…
I only sense the tender touch
of our hearts,
beating in divine symphony…
I only feel
“you and me,”…

©Pure Reflections, 2019

A mellow spring breeze

A mellow spring breeze,
sifting through the hanging
branches of the willow….
Croons a mellifluous lullaby
in my ears, as I tuck
into my pillow…..

Tranquillise my mind,
oscillating between phantom fears
and fonder dreams….
Casts a soothing spell
to reminisce beneath the
silver moonbeams….

Cradles my senses in its
euphonious embrace and
all the fears it absorbs…..
Swaddles me in profound
slumber, till the break
of the luminous Orb…..

©Pure Reflections, 2019