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Forepassed spring…

Fragrant florescent blossoms
which nurtured me with
gentle caress and
embraced me in
the sweet warmth of
the delicate folds of
their once vibrant,
velvety petals…
are all wilted and withered…

Pellucid petals
shed and shattered
swiftly carried away by the
relentless zephyrs
lost in the silhouettes of time….

a sudden tinge of pain
a flush of grief from the
rheumy eyes
Just a trail of scented memories
left behind
where their golden dust shines….

©Pure Reflections, 2021


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Like flashes of fluorescent phosphenes in my eyes
they dance and sway and shimmer and fly…
the flickering memories….

Swirling and whirling across my skin
arousing the whirlpool of emotions
from the fathomless depths of my being….
the watery memories….

Of flowering springs and relentless rain
of ecstatic raptures and stinging pain
of cavernous sorrows and buoyant laughter
bringing tears and smiles together….
the bitter sweet memories…

©Pure Reflections, 2021



Memories are everywhere
here and there, all around…
in every nook and corner,
just as tiny pearls and sequins
scattered on the ground…

Memories, come and go
to and fro, in and out…
creating gentle ripples
all over, throughout…

Memories, so precious,
nostalgic, cherished and valued…
souvenirs of the past
companions of solitude…

Memories make us laugh
make us cry…
they are the fireflies,
illuminating the dark,
sombre sky…

Memories are the golden milestones
left behind…
the mellifluous symphonies,
the real treasures of lifetime…

Memories, some are
faint and hazy,
lost in the intricate labyrinth of minds…
some, bittersweet and wistful
buried deep inside…

Memories are everywhere
here and there,
far and wide…
Memories, good or bad,
they keep us alive…

©Pure Reflections, 2018