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a stalwart song

a mellifluous melody

a humble harmony

a soulful symphony

In the sky full of endless dreams

a little blue bird set free….

©Pure Reflections, 2022

In this tender garden

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In this tender garden
love blossoms in our blessed sunshine,
Where we planted little saplings of our memories and
Watered them to flourish
beneath our own handful of sky….

In this secret garden
stars come down to tell
the untold stories of little moments
where together we laugh
together we cry….

In this sacred garden,
the blissful elysium of
solemn vows and promises
kept and cherished.
Here… together we grow
tied in forevers
You and I…..

©Pure Reflections, 2021


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Forepassed spring…

Fragrant florescent blossoms
which nurtured me with
gentle caress and
embraced me in
the sweet warmth of
the delicate folds of
their once vibrant,
velvety petals…
are all wilted and withered…

Pellucid petals
shed and shattered
swiftly carried away by the
relentless zephyrs
lost in the silhouettes of time….

a sudden tinge of pain
a flush of grief from the
rheumy eyes
Just a trail of scented memories
left behind
where their golden dust shines….

©Pure Reflections, 2021

Milky Moon

In the quiescent silence of the tranquil night…
a fervent wish lands upon a star, gliding on the lambent moonlight….
a fragile, gentle dream swirls and twirls in the eyes….
of a promised secret land of phosphorescent purple blooms…
permeating fragrant dulcet perfumes….
where the dainty fairies, dance in nonchalant reveries..
to the mellifluous tunes…
and the earthlings, in delight
croon and swoon…
to witness the magic of majestic milky moon….

©Pure Reflections, 2021