Beyond space, time and dimensions….
Beyond thoughts and
Beyond illusions and
Beyond infinity and

SHE…the divine feminine
force of nature…
The sublime creator and
fierce destroyer…
The mysteriously dark and
magnificently beauteous….
The omnipresent , boundless
The highest consciousness
and the purest bliss…
The ultimate cognisance
of conscience…

YOU …carry her deep within you…
Unleash the latent power
Unbridle the might
Awaken the KAALI within you…

©Pure Reflections, 2020

P.S. Kaali is the Hindu goddess of power, death and destruction of evil.She embodies feminine energy and empowerment. Hail..the mother of all…Ma KAALI🙏.

28 thoughts on “THE KAALI”

      1. मस्त एकदम 😊😃🌼

        Pursuing MBBS online since March….😭😂😭😂 Miss my college ….

        Been away from wordpress for long missed everyone ….I hope u are fine and amazing as always 😊❤🌼

        Liked by 1 person

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