Photo by Sourav Mishra on Pexels.com

When the desperate prayers
reach the boundless skies…

Clouds appear to quench
the relentless thirst of parched eyes…

Soothing rain downpours,
seeping through the cracks
drenching the core…

Tenderly caressing the withered soul, releasing
sweet petrichor….

Munificent raindrops, the
blessings in disguise…

Each drop promises renewal
each drop promises life….

©Pure Reflections, 2020

31 thoughts on “Raindrops”

  1. Soothing drops of gentle heaven sent relief from above that quench the deep inner burning of a parched earth or weary soul.
    Thank you Sarika! Take care, my friend! Much peace and God’s blessings to you! 🌷

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      1. Hi Sarika…so good to hear from you and receive such a warm encouraging comment filled with inspiration like all of your writing! I’m doing pretty well today after a rough couple of weeks after taxing my pulmonary system with toxic pathogens and allergens doing some demolition work in my home. I hope you are doing very well; and be sure to let others know if they do any intense cleaning or repair work in the home to be careful of any mice or in particular their droppings these are the opposite of “soothing drops” which you sent to me as they helped and will heal, but these others are quiet dangerous on the microbial level.
        Look forward to seeing more of you on each other’s postings soon!
        Take care.🙏🌷

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