Once a,

Dormant chrysalis




A change, A spark


Now a,

beautiful bubbly butterfly

with seraphic wings

escaping out of the cocoon…

On her

Odyssey to the moon…..

(Inspired by Eugenia’s..word of the week…”butterfly”…@ BrewNSpew café…)

©Pure Reflections, 2019

46 thoughts on “Evolution”

  1. Wonderful Sarika,
    Nicely said, I love that you brought up this idea of “Transformation,” which dovetails with things going on in my own life and as such I’m noticing how it’s happening everyday all around us if we will pay attention and look into things more than a passing glance or not at all; because many people tend to be looking to a handheld device as though it’s their world; which it most assuredly is not!
    Let’s be thankful for the miracle and blessing of the “Transformational Process” that can be totally uplifting and inspirational; leading to real “Freedom!”
    Lawrence Morra

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    1. Well said.. Lawrence and thanks for reading….yess.. transformation and evolution.can be totally uplifting and empowering…those little things that we can learn from nature..and embrace them in our lives…we all must be thankful…😊😊

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      1. Absolutely Sarika! I see it too as God knows exactly what God is doing and this is a beautiful master plan in progress in spite of how sad and difficult life can be, there is Resolution and a perfect outcome for us especially if we are willing to be faithful through thick and thin; to never give up! I love your message here and look forward to more anytime! Many Blessings!
        Lawrence Morra

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      1. sunipukadiyil,
        Thank You again! Nice heartfelt words and truth are in need always! Prayers even more! With both we are on the path of light and truth. God Bless You and Yours!


      2. You’re very welcome and stay inspired with God’s love in your heart and soul. May that draw you near to only like mind and heart always! Thank you for the inspiration and God bless you!

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