In this ephemeral moment of
agony and anguish…
Crestfallen existence seems falling in abyss..
Devoid of the light,
bereft of the bliss…

Poignance fills the air,
melancholy drips…
Vicious claws of despair
tighten its grips…

But.., fear not the pain
Give up not the dreams…
Wipe off all the tears,
Keep up the spirits….
For it is not the eternal darkness,
Just an eclipse…

©Pure Reflections, 2019


19 thoughts on “Eclipse”

  1. The first time I experienced a total eclipse I was gathered with many others on a beach in South Wales and we were lucky, the skies were so clear. There is a small gap when you feel the drop in temperature, but the amazing thing for me was the silence. Everyone fell silent, I am told that birds will also stop singing. For me it was a moment of great calm, a moment to reflect. As you say, you know the light will return and that is the strength to take from the darkness. Thank you so much for posting this poem 🙂 🙂


    1. Thank you so much.. David.. for reading and commenting..🌸🌸.. Good to know that you had the opportunity to witness this nature’s miracle..and absolutely true… nature always provides us some precious moments to feel the inner peace and strengthen ourselves..🙂🙂


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