Night Jasmine (Raat Rani, Shiuli)

night jasmine1

At the silvery dusk, with the
fall of twilight…
I behold the alluring, mystic
of an ethereal beauty, the
night jasmine, “the queen of night”…

Dressed in the evening gown
with the shades of saffron
and white…

Spreading her divine fragrance,
as she dances with the cool breeze,
under the canopy of star-lit night…

She savours every bit of her
ephemeral life, with all the
splendour, all the might…

Soon, melancholy descends, as she
lays withered and shrivelled,
with the first ray of light…

The angelic beauty now rests in
calm, but the
perfume still lingers, the
fragrance is still alive…

©Pure Reflections, 2019

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