Slice of moon

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A luminiscent
slice of moon
With the sprinkle of
succulent stars,
On the darkest
platter of night….

With the
sated eyes
I savour
my delight
to satisfy my
starving soul’s appetite…

©Pure Reflections, 2020

Journey of life (Haiku)

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Souls trapped in life’s trance

Drift through umpteen illusions

Seeking truth en route..

©Pure Reflections, 2019

Autumn 🍁🍁

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Beneath the wistful skies, I behold…
the sight of auburn autumn, on my threshold…

Sweeping strokes of the whistling winds, brushing my cheeks….
Under the fading warmth of sun and air, so bleak…

Once brimming with youth, the sunflowers bold….
Now stooping down and
growing old….

Once swooning in verdant luscious foliage….
the lovelorn trees now, standing bare in daze….

Lifeless russet leaves swirling in melancholy dance…
Under the beguiling
autumn’s trance…

Withered leaves falling one by one to the ground….
Weaving the tapestry of organic brown….

To the cadence of wilted leaves falling in reprise….
I relinquish, let go and swirl like a broken leaf in the autumn of my life…

©Pure Reflections, 2019

Originally written as a guest post for…. Blog of the Wolf Boy